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Sri Lakshmi System, the Computer Astrological Service Centre, serving for more than two decades offers various types of Computerised output like Basic Horoscope, Horoscope with detailed charts and tables, Predictions and favourable periods for marriage, business, education, house construction etc., - based on Indian Vedic Astrology as defined by the Positions of Planets at the Time of Birth, Date of Birth And Place of Birth.

Sri Lakshmi System also offers computer output for marriage matching based on star, rasi, kuja, rajju checks, Dasa sandhi. , Gem recommendations, and year prediction based on muntha and parikarams for star and dasa periods , etc.,

Sri Lakshmi System, being a licensee of the Software developed by Astro-Vision Futuretech Pvt Ltd., Kallor, Cochin 682017 delivers the Horoscopes and predictions which are governed by the software developers terms and Conditions. The reports are based on the data provided by you and the best possible research support we have received so far. We do not assume any responsibility for the accuracy or the effect of any decision that may be taken on the basis of these reports.

     You can get Horoscope based on Indian Astrology for Rs.500